SNHU Student Center Undergoes a Transformation

Starting late last summer we embarked on a reconstruction project in the SNHU Student Center.  This started with planning for a two-phase project.  The first phase would include a new entrance to the facility, a new Mailroom, Convenience Store/Coffee Shop, and a Concierge Desk.

The biggest challenge is that this project is a design/build experience.  This, along with a number of surprises that we have found after uncovering walls, ceilings, and floors, has made this a very long project.  We are almost at the 1 year mark and we are still making decisions on the fly and moving forward slowly.  Our hope is to have the project complete for September 2012.

We are now finalizing details on phase two of the project and hope to start moving forward with this part of the building.  This will include a new pub, a new studio for Radio SNHU, offices for our governing groups, Veteran’s Affairs, and the Diversity Initiative Office.

Follow this link to look at an article that talks about the reconstruction of the Robert A Freese Student Center:
Impact Magazine Article