My Current Status

University of California – Irvine student Center

So, my current perspective is “I am done”.  No, I haven’t defended my work, but I am very close now.  I had the fortune to present a snapshot of my findings at the Association of College Unions International Conference this past Tuesday in St. Louis.  This was a major hurdle for me, which turned out to be a great experience.  I had a packed house for an 8am session, which I received many compliments until I left for home yesterday.

The best part is that I have concluded that “I am done”.  What I mean is that I feel the confidence that I have written what needed to be said.  I have developed a grounded theory, which I call “Tierno’s 6 Principles of College Union Efficacy”.  Once I am published there will be more to come…  So, stay tuned.


Summer 2013 Update:

I am happy to report that I successfully defended my dissertation on April 26, 2013, and received my degree on May 26, 2013.

Next steps:

  • I have submitted a session proposal for the ACUI Conference in Orlando to present on my 6 Principles of College Union Efficacy, which has been accepted.
  • I am looking at conducting in-depth research on the 6 Principles this fall, so watch your email for an invitation to participate.